This is second one of Eurosoft's newsletters to industry professionals. The first newsletter was sent in February under the slightly immodest title "The 4th Industrial Revolution" If you missed this newsletter you can view it online here.

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Automated Production Line Speeds Panel Cutting
It described a very successful automation project Eurosoft did at Indiana Furniture a couple of years ago – a fully automated production line that now outperforms the most optimistic projections. An article in FDMC magazine on the same project was published just recently.

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The topic of today’s newsletter is the upcoming LIGNA Tradeshow (Ligna means “wood” in Latin) in Hanover, Germany. The LIGNA is a bi-annual show and by far the most important show for the woodworking industry in the world. Why is the LIGNA so important? First some facts:

1) LIGNA Attendance Statistics


Source: m+a expodatabase

This means the LIGNA attracts almost twice as many exhibitors as the largest trade show in North America (The IWF in Atlanta), has 3 times the floor space and draws 5 – 6 times more visitors.
+ For more stats on the Ligna click here
+ For more info on the IWF click here

2) European Technology
The woodworking industry is still dominated by European technology – most of the big machinery suppliers are based in Europe. It is hard to imagine an American woodworking company (small shop or large factory alike) without some European equipment.

Eurosoft at the LIGNA
We will send 3 people from our office to Germany to attend first a Partner Meeting in the little town of Rheda-Wiedenbrück followed by the LIGNA show. This year we will be going to support our European partners (Cobus ConCept), meeting visitors from North America at their booth, browsing the show, learning about new technologies and speaking to as many partners from all over the world as possible. We're very excited to be at the LIGNA this year. We hope to see you there. If you are planning to go, please come by the COBUS ConCept booth in Hall 26, booth E54.


NCAD from COBUS ConCept
We’ve represented COBUS ConCept in North America starting in 2013 (we actually started in earnest shortly before the LIGNA 2 years ago). COBUS is a large software company headquartered in the heartland of the German woodworking industry in North Rhine-Westphalia. Now at 90 employees, COBUS has become a big player among the software companies dedicated to the needs of the woodworking industry. Their flagship product is NCAD, a parametric CAD/CAM system, and a true marvel of German software engineering. The answer to the question “why NCAD” can be answered with: “Because it is the universal parametric CAM software for every CNC machine”. NCAD offers special solutions for makers of doors (exterior and interior) and windows as well.
+ For more info about COBUS ConCept click here


We certainly hope to see many customers from North America at the LIGNA. We will publish a report after the show on our website and in the next newsletter.

Speaking of Tradeshows: Here in North America the woodworking industry will have an opportunity to see new technology at the AWFS in Las Vegas July 22nd – 25th. We will have a booth at the show (booth #4759) where we will present our software solutions, including new developments, to our customers. Please make a note to come and see us in las Vegas.

Thank you for reading our newsletter. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

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