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BlueCell Version 1.3 Released, Planning for 1.4 Underway
Our BlueCell Optimization and Nesting solution was introduced to the market more than 3 years ago but we have not been resting on our laurels! We know that product improvement, listening to feedback from customers, dealers and partners, is just as important as the grand concept. We've been hard at work and are happy to announce that major work for BlueCell Version 1.3 is now complete!

Some of the major features of BlueCell version 1.3:
- Defect Zones: Specify areas on sheets that should be excluded from the optimization due to
defects, damage, faults or for any other reason
- Direct Grain Matched Import: Grain matched data from design software such as 2020,
Cabinet Vision and Microvellum is imported directly into BlueCell for processing
- Improved User Experience: Automatic name generation for Grain Formations, search filtering
for part groups
- Additional Post Processors: Komo, Felder, Elix

If you would like to know more about these features or to find out how you can get onto the latest version, please get in touch with us!


The IoT and MES Speaking Circuit
This year we have had the honor of being asked to hold several presentations at various events hosted by our partners and colleagues. We've geared our presentations around 2 of the biggest buzzwords where we're starting to see a large increase in interest: The Information of Things (IoT) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). What are they and how can they be incorporated into manufacturing? Are they here to stay?
To see a video of the PowerPoint used in our presentations click here

In many ways IoT has already penetrated deep into our everyday lives. One of the earliest examples of some amazing technology, but which we barely give a 2nd thought to nowadays, would be medical devices: pacemakers, insulin pumps and hearing aids to name a few. As the technology has improved doctors have been able to gather and analyze data off of these medical devices in increasingly effortless ways. More recent leaps forward in IoT are more headline grabbing: Smart homes, wearables and driverless cars. Is it really that big of a leap to go from driverless cars and health monitoring devices to similar functionality in manufacturing? Not at all... in fact it is already here. Usually in manufacturing this takes the form of greater automation: Storage and retrieval systems, material handling robots and more data accessibility from your run-of-the-mill CNC or Panel saws. But we're also starting to see something similar to smart watches that monitor a person's heartbeat and levels of exercise, but in the case of manufacturing the focus is on the machines: how efficiently are they running, how many hours of use has that tool seen and what kind of weird vibrations are we picking up from the CNC? The relay of this information back to the office (for analysis or ordering) or even to the operator at the machine is IoT in action. The benefits are hard to ignore: less down time at the machines because necessary tasks are relayed ahead of time, less machine maintenance to fix problems that would have cost less to fix if detected earlier, and overall greater insight into how the whole "system" works together and how efficiently it is running. There are already some great examples of this technology out there. Eurosoft is heavily involved of course, but we don't want to just toot our own horn. We'd like to point out some products from our partners also forging ahead in these areas. Take a look at:
+ C.R. Onsrud: Osync Technology
+ Biesse: Winstore Storage and Retrieval


Tradeshows: Here in North America the woodworking industry will have an opportunity to see new technology at the IWF in Atlanta between August 22nd – 25th. We will have a booth at the show (booth #4446) where we will present our software solutions, including new products and developments, to our customers. We certainly hope to see you there!

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