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For the first newsletter of 2020 we'll focus on our plans for the year and what you can expect from us. As always there is plenty going on!
Company News:
Creation of Eurosoft Europe
A 2nd headquarters for the company in the heart of Europe
What do you do when you have customers and partners around the world? Create additional company branches to better support them! In 2020, Eurosoft will either purchase or begin renting an office in Austria with the likely location being in or near the city of Wiener Neustadt, a city with a rich history spanning back to the early 1100s. Our presence in this central European location will mean that Eurosoft support can better overlap all time zones and allow us to reach a broader audience to provide our software and services. John and Renate Liedl, founders of Eurosoft who are moving back to Austria, will take the lead in establishing the European branch office as their last project before a well-deserved retirement.
Company Growth and Record Year
Eurosoft keeps growing
In 2019 Eurosoft brought on 2 new team members, Ashley G. and Brayan L. Ashley has been with Eurosoft since February 2019 as part of the admin and marketing team. Brayan joined much later in the year as our 5th full time developer! Eurosoft is now the largest we have ever been at 12 members strong! In 2020 we plan to keep growing and have plans to add several more staff to the Eurosoft squad.
2019 also saw record profits for Eurosoft with a 10% growth over 2018, the previous record year. The economy is strong and that surely helps but we at Eurosoft also believe it shows the acceptance of the manufacturing industry for the need to automate and streamline their processes, and Eurosoft is uniquely positioned to help in this regard by providing the software and services the industry needs to stay competitive.
Product News:
BlueCell: Optimization and Nesting
BlueCell 2.0 will be released
BlueCell will get its first major overhaul since it was first introduced in 2015 when version 2.0 is released this year (Expected release in April). Many enhancements have been or will be made behind-the-scenes in terms of how BlueCell stores and parses data, this includes a switch from VB to C# as the programming language and a switch to MySQL rather than SQL server as the database back-end. The user will notice these changes in terms of improvements in speed and efficiency of the overall product. Major new feature additions or upgrades include:
* Improved Block Nesting
* Redefined Remnant Detection
* Post-processors will be "refactored" for improved functionality,
_ especially in working with CNC and CAM parameters
* Greater integration with Storage and Retrieval systems
Square One: Job Tracking and MES
Rewrite and Feature Expansion
We are still defining exactly all the features that will be included in SQ1 but what is certain is that it is going to be epic! SquareOne has existed for several years as a product Eurosoft offers but it was based heavily on specific customers and their needs. The new iteration of SquareOne, to be released in time for the IWF trade show in Atlanta in August will be an out-of-the-box MES system that is more easily adaptable to any company structure and their requirements. Almost all components of SquareOne will be modular, including machine and station access points so that each customer can purchase a SquareOne system that is based on their needs. SquareOne is an MES system designed to track parts as they move through the manufacturing process. Users interact with SquareOne both from the office to receive updates and track progress and from the shop floor where parts are scanned as they reach various stations or as exceptions occur (such as rework parts). An exciting system that we hope you will come see for yourself at IWF in Atlanta.
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