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Direct integration with Autokitchen Design software!

Quick and simple parametric product design and cutlisting software

Establish templates for quick parametric import and manufacturing output

Speed and simplicity. The benefits of simple cutlisting software such as Framework

Framework and AutoKitchen
Framework can directly integrate with Microcad's Autokitchen Design software. Autokitchen provides great design and rendering capability and now, with Framework, it can be extended to connect to the machines on the shop floor as well!

Working together with the Autokitchen team, a solution was developed where data is transferred from Autokitchen into Framework or even more directly straight into COBUS NCAD for true shape nesting or into BlueCell for block nesting and optimization for panel saws.

The Process: Autokitchen exports an XML partlist file that contains the information necessary to match the parts with the corresponding parametric machining template files in Framework. The result: Seamless output of machine ready files from design to machine.
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