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Job and labor tracking software for manufacturing

The realization of many Industry 4.0 concepts

Bring structure and oversight to a chaotic production environment

Interact with barcode scanners or any label scanning device

About SquareOne
SquareOne is an innovative solution for tracking the progress of your orders as they move through the manufacturing process. Designed and built by experts in the manufacturing industry, SquareOne is intended to specifically address the uses and requirements of job tracking in a production environment.
  • Built for Manufacturers
    Built for Manufacturers

    Built for Manufacturers

    SquareOne is built around a hierarchal structure reflecting the nature of manufacturing products - Orders are composed of Assemblies, and Assemblies are composed of Items. Each level of this hierarchy can have customized tasks assigned to it - for example, orders may have a shipping task, an assembly has a kitting task, and an item in that assembly might have an edgebanding task and a routing task

  • Data Analysis
    Data Analysis

    Data Analysis

    Data is kept in a database for easy analysis of virtually any aspect of the system in order to ID bottlenecks and other problem areas

At a glance
SquareOne at a glance
  • Integration


    Import orders automatically from optimization, nesting and production software

  • User Management
    User Management

    User Management

    Includes a timesheet feature, allowing you to see which users are carrying out which tasks, and determine user down-time versus time on tasks

  • Real-Time Monitoring
    Real-Time Monitoring

    Real-Time Monitoring

    Track and monitor the progress of orders and individual tasks in real-time

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