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Bridge the gap between software and shop floor

Convert data from software to machine format

For panels saws and CNCs

DataLink: Overview
About DataLink
DataLink is a universal data conversion software tool that overcomes the common problem of incompatible data formats being used between engineering software and cutting equipment. DXF, MPR, CIX, NC, XML, PTX, ... every machine speaks its own language, and since there is no true universal standard in the industry, data format incompatibilities can become a huge headache. DataLink converts an input file format into an equivalent output format. One format goes in (from engineering software or machine type), another comes out (machine type).

• A panel saw file converted into another file format for a different brand of saw. E.g. a .SAW file from Homag converted into Schelling's .NC format
• Code for routers (3, 4 or 5 axis) generated by a CAM program. E.g. Biesse's CIX file format converted to Weeke's .MPR .format

DataLink can bridge the gap between engineering and manufacturing software and the shop floor and is in many cases financially more attractive than buying additional post-processor for existing software.
Supported Formats
- Anderson
- Biesse
- Busellato
- Heian
- HolzHer
- Komo
- Morbidelli
- Shoda
- Weeke
- ISO G-Codes
Panel Saws:
- Giben
- Hendrick
- HolzHer
- Holzma
- Mayer
- Razorgauge
- Selco
- Schelling
- TaiChan
- Tigerstop
- Coming Soon!
- Coming Soon!
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