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An innovative solution for managing your stock and scrap inventory

New User Interface: Updated for modern controls and functionality

Specifically designed for integrated material manufacturing

The key... to gaining control of chaotic inventories

About InStock
InStock is a powerful, time and money saving software tool that gives the user the ability to optimize, organize and track stock material as well as reusable remnants that might otherwise have gone to waste. It is designed to facilitate the creation and maintenance of a materials database that can contain both full-sized sheets and offcuts, or remnant sizes. The contents of the database can be pulled directly into optimization software, allowing optimizations to be run against an accurate reflection of the current real-world material quantities and sizes on hand in the factory.
  • Made for Manufacturing
    Made for Manufacturing

    Made for Manufacturing

    Unlike many larger boondoggle ERP systems that know little to nothing about manufacturing, InStock was specifically developed by Eurosoft from the "bottom-up" to treat raw material as an integral part of the manufacturing process

  • Reduce Waste and Improve Yield
    Reduce Waste and Improve Yield

    Reduce Waste and Improve Yield

    Instock makes remnants (scrap pieces that would usually go to waste) available for use in optimization/nesting software.

At a glance
InStock at a glance
  • Real-time Data
    Real-time Data

    Real-time Data

    Changes to the inventory are updated in InStock in real-time, ensuring accurate material counts at all times

  • Bin Management
    Bin Management

    Bin Management

    InStock allows for sophisticated bin management, including limiting bins to materials of a certain type, size as well as other criteria

  • Modular


    Instock can handle remants as well as full-sized inventory. Both modules are scalable and can be purchased seperately or as a package

How InStock Works:
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